craving dessert so bad rn

I want a pet very much but I’d never get anything done.

I have a terrible habit of structuring everything like an article it’s fucking bad and needs to stop

If you don’t think Harvard referencing is thes stupidest piece of shit you’re wrong and also illogical

kay real talk if you get involved with someone you know has friends of your gender he cares for you can’t get hung up when he’s good to them

the day I love myself as much a kanye loves himself will be the day

If you’re a hipster ironically are you a meta-hipster or just a dickhead?

what did i get myself into?

Update: nope…

If I stare at this pile of washing long enough, maybe it will go away.

Sweet jesus my feet are falling off probably.

The sky looks like fire

I’m watching the DA:I trailers again and at first I was like fuck cassandra but now I’m like ~fuck cassandra~ do you feel?


inquisition party select more like which of you nerds is gonna hang with me and varric

officialvarrictethras tinymarie89
chelseainsunnydale tinymarie89