I miss my old sushi place :(

Petition to straight out execute Michele Bachmann. I’m pretty compassionate but seriously fuck that piece of shit.

Forgot my lip balm 💔

I have four hours at work and then I’m not leaving Senpai all weekend. #laptop #akamyboyfriend

Falling asleep to the soft, calming, electronic light of my laptop updating beside me.

Comic-Con Recap: I wasn’t there and it was sad.

'This is a country song Bonnie wrote yesterday…'

*starts screaming*

okay volbeat…

So I just saw my bus coming and I was like ‘here comes bae’ what is wrong w me?

Hey la hey la, my boyfriend’s back http://t.co/2CRSuliwFl

quiet-hippie itsmemacleod


Haven’t had this in forever http://t.co/7O7MrHjcy4

Dammit @bioware @dragonage